Desa Ban Malnutrition Program

by James V.

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Tackling malnutrition with mobile technology and the East Bali Poverty Project


NOTE: Due to unexpected regulatory changes regarding bitcoin payments in Indonesia, this project has been closed. No donations are being taken at this time. We are working to find another project to shift the funds to and will update donors and the GiveTrack community as soon as possible. Please see 'Updates' above for more information. 


Medic Mobile recently began work with the East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP) using a mobile application to improve care coordination for malnutrition in Desa Ban, Bali. Through this partnership, EBPP and Medic Mobile aim to support health workers in monitoring and facilitating timely treatment for malnourished children. 

The Basics:

  • The app helps community health workers (Kaders) measure and calculate weight-height-age ratios and turn this data into actionable recommendations. 
  • The toolkit also includes dashboards to provide critical information for the health team and staff at the primary health center. 
  • Two cadres each from 8 of the 27 community health posts have been trained and are using the malnutrition app. 
  • We have recently begun to provide additional support to kaders monitoring nutritional status within the Desa Ban community. 

Current Needs:

We are raising $7,000 USD to continue to expand this program. These funds would be used to: 

  • purchase cell phones for health workers to use the app
  • training for health workers on the app
  • program implementation throughout the remaining health posts, including 38 remaining cadres from 19 additional health posts that are slated for implementation in the early part of 2018. 

Future Potential:

We see tremendous potential for that same system to incorporate Ante-Natal care, Post Natal Care and Immunization tracking to provide a complete integrated toolset to kaders and to expand this same toolset to nearby villages.

Following the same path as other governments who have adopted our tools, we expect after delivering the results of the interventions with EBPP that we’ll begin work with local government for uptake both within the Province of Bali and nationwide.